Born: February 19, 1950
Place: Stepney, East London, England

Andy Powell is the guitarist and founder of the rock band Wishbone Ash. Though he is currently based in Connecticut, United States, he hails from London and he is the last and only early member of the band.
Andy Powell is also known for his performances in “Twin Lead Guitar” with his fellow guitarist Ted Turner. Their playing has influenced many rock bands like the Big Country, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Andy Powell
Andy Powell - Wishbone Ash

He first played with bands Sugar Band and Dekois. During Andy Summers early years, he was much attracted to rock and roll. However, he started playing soul and then R&B.

It is said that during Andy Summers early years, he could not afford to buy an electric guitar and used to borrow from his fellow guitar players. Later he decided to make a guitar for himself and it turned out well. His early interest helped him create several custom crafted guitars.

Martin Turner and Steve Upton had published an advertisement for a guitarist in th Melody Maker magazine for their band during 1969. Andy on reading the news applied for it. Ted Turner another guitarist had also applied and they were unable to decide upon whom to choose and hence they chose both of them.

Though their first album was released in 1970, “Wishboe Ash”, the band gained popularity with their third album, “Argus” in the year 1972. This was titled “The Best British Album of the Year”.

Andy and Ted Turner made their famous tour “Night of the Guitar” in 1988. This tour had many other guitar legends on the stage like Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Alvin Leee, Robbie Krieger, Peter Haycock, Jan Akkerman and Randy California.

Andy uses a Gibson Flying V 1967 Model.