Full Name : Angus McKinnon Young

Angus McKinnon Young
Angus Young - AC/DC

Born on 31 March 1955, in Glasgow, Scotland

Ranking on 96th position in Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Angus Young, is a guitarist and songwriter who lead the Australian AC/DC hard rock band, he is well known for his hard-edge style lead (signature vibrato) and wild stage energy.

AC/DC hard rock band was formed in November, 1973 by Angus and Malcolm Young (Brothers). They later on recruited the other members of the team. Angus Young adopted his famous school unform outfit on their performances.

Their first line up was - Angus Young on lead guitar, Dave Evans singing, Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar, Larry Van Kriedt on bass guitar and Colin Burgess on drums.

Angus and Malcolm Young named the band AC/DC. They claim that they found out this name after sighting a acronym AC/DC in the back side of their sister Margarets sewing machine. They felt that this could emphasis on their energy and power of performance. This suited them well and hence the name stayed on to the band and became history.

However, some religious figures suggest that the name might stand for Anti-Christ /Devil's Child. In some cultures, AC/DC refers to bisexuality. However, AC/DC denies this all.

Angus Young
Angus Young

AC/DC first introduction to the American audience was through a radio station in 1977. The FM station manager Peter C. Cavanagh booked AC/DC to play at a theater. They started with their popular song "Live Wire". However, back in Britain, the band was associated to punk rock. They had a cult following all through the 70's.

Angus was always noted in their stage performances due to his enthusiasm and liveliness thus mooning the audience. He stayed on to the School Unifrom in all his stage performances.

AC/DC hard rock band
Angus McKinnon Young in Center

Angus Young collaborated with Gibson Guitar Corporation to make the Angus Young Signature SG and had used Gibson SGs in various forms throughout his career.