Full name: Angela Maria Difranco

Born on September 23, 1970 at Buffalo, New York

Angela Maria Difranco
Ani Difranco - singer, guitarist, artist, songwriter

Having released her seventeen albums Ani DiFranco, is a singer, guitarist, artist, songwriter, women's rights and feminist icon for many.

At the age of nine, she started playing Beatles covers at local bars and busking with her guitar teacher, Michael Meldrum. In 1989 with just $50, Ani Di Franco at the age of eighteen, started her own record company, "Righteous Records" ( Later renamed as Righteous Babe Records in 1994).

DiFranco is the first musician to be honoured by the "Woman of Courage Award" (July 21, 2006) at the National Organization for Women (NOW) Conference and Young Feminist Summit in Albany, NY. Even Buffalo News quoted DiFranco  as the "Buffalo's leading lady of rock music."

DiFranco's music is classified as inclusion of both folk and alternative rock, which made her  reached across to the genres since her earliest albums. DiFranco has collaborated with a wide range of artists including folk musician, pop musician Prince, and many more..

DiFranco's is praised for sophistication in her lyrics , which often include alliteration,wordplay, metaphor, and a more or less gentle irony.   DiFranco's guitar playing is often characterized as a signature staccato style, which includes use of a plethora of alternate tunings and rapid fingerpicking, where she delivers many of her lines in a speaking style notable for its rhythmic variation.

Ani DiFranco
Ani performs at a live show

Since 2003, DiFranco has been nominated four consecutive times for Best Recording Package at the Grammy Awards, one of which she won for Educated Guess., in 2004.

Studio albums :

1990 - Ani DiFranco
1991 - Not So Soft
1992 - Imperfectly
1993 - Puddle Dive