Brian Robertson
is a guitarist and songwriter born on 12 February, 1956 in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire.

Brian Robertson learnt classical piano and cello for eight years before switching to drums and guitar. He played in concerts with bands like ‘Dream Police’ around his local area which later developed into the ‘Average White Band’.

An Irish hard rock band ‘Thin Lizzy’ was auditioning for a new guitarist, Robertson tried out and got selected in the audition. The twin-guitar harmony was formulated by Thin Lizzy band with Robertson and Scott Gorham which made the band one of the most powerful guitar bands in the music industry. The distinctive sound of the band influenced subsequent bands, such as ‘Metallica’, ‘The Darkness’ and ‘Iron Maiden’. During his time with the band Thin Lizzy band released many successful albums such as ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Bad Reputation’, ‘Johnny the Fox’ and ‘Live and Dangerous’. In 1978, Brian Robertson came out of the band.

Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson

The Total Accuracy video ‘Still in Love with the Blues’ describes his unusual use of the wah-pedal as an extension of the instrument during soloing rather than purely rhythmic effect which is an unique use of the effect. Brian Robertson explains about his approach to guitar playing, blues licks, sublime blues improvisations and classic Thin Lizzy lead solos in the video.

Brian Robertson formed the band 'Wild Horses' along with Jimmy Bain. Jimmy was the ex-bassist for the band Rainbow. However, the band did not perform well in UK and eventually split after releasing two albums. The 'First Album' in 1980 and 'Stand Your Ground' which was the last album released in 1981. In the final tour of Thin Lizzy Robertson performed on stage with most of their former guitarists in 1982.

After his appearance with Thin Lizzy, Brian Robertson was telephoned to see if he was interested in replacing the guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke from the British heavy metal band ‘Motorhead’. He rehearsed for five days with the band and recorded the album ‘Another Perfect Day’ on a radio show ‘King Biscuit Flower Hour’ on May 21, 1982 at Harpo’s in Detroit. Robertson’s last performance with the band was at the Metropol, Berlin on 11 November, 1983.

Brian Robertson joined the band ‘Statetrooper’ and was there with the band until their breakup. He made a special guest appearance with the band ‘Ash’ and played guitar for the song ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ at the Oxygen music festival in Ireland, 2004.

Brian Robertson reunited with his old Thin Lizzy band mates for a tribute show in memory of frontman ‘Phil Lynott’ under the leadership of Gary Moore. Gary Moore and Robertson played a number of Gary and Thin Lizzy classic cuts with the band mates Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Jonathan Noyce bassist of British Rock group Jethro Tull and Eric Bell.

Brian Robertson and the Thin Lizzy Band
Brian Robertson and the Thin Lizzy Band


  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Les Paul Custom
  • Sunburst Les Paul Deluxe
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Travis Bean aluminium neck guitar
  • SG Junior
  • Black Les Paul custom

Brian Robertson's wah-pedal is a UK made Colorsound. However, he has used Cry Baby wah and Vox wah-pedals in 1980s.


  • Night Life - (1974)
  • Fighting - (1975)
  • Jailbreak - (1976)
  • Johnny the Fox - (1976)
  • Bad Reputation - (1977)
  • Live and Dangerous - (1978)
  • First Album - (1980)
  • Stand Your Ground - (1981)
  • Another Perfect Day - (1983)
  • Motorhead - Live 1983 - (1991)