Real Name:
Carl Johan Grimmark
Born: October 14, 1977

Carl Johan Grimmark is a Christian guitarist born on October 14, 1977 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Carl Johan Grimmark has played with many Christian metal bands, which include “Narnia”, “Rob Rock” and “Saviour Machine”.

Carl Johan Grimmark founded the band “Narnia” along with the singer Christian Lijegren in 1996 in Sweden. Carl Johan Grimmark met Lijegren for the first time in a small city ‘Jönköping’ in Sweden in 1993; Lijegren was working with the band ‘Modest Attraction’ and the band was about to release their first album ‘The truth in Your face’. Both of them were working in different bands but still stayed in contact for many years. Carl Johan Grimmark was working with ‘Sentinel’ at this time. Grimmark and Lijegren both were struggling with their bands; Lijegren had a passion for melodic rock and was not able to explore this in the band ‘Modest Attraction’ and Grimmark got split from ‘Sentinel’ for some reason in 1996. Lijegren, who was interested in hard rock wanted to start a project and he gave a call to Grimmark to join him. Grimmark found the project interesting and said he would join the project.

Carl Johan Grimmark
Carl Johan Grimmark

Carl Johan Grimmark again got a call from Lijegren after few months asking him to join “Modest Attraction” tour to Germany and play guitar in place of Stephan Mohlin. Grimmark agreed to tour with the band and replaced Stephan Mohlin. Stephan Mohlin later left the band and Grimmark was asked to join the band for full-time and stayed back with the band.

Carl Grimmark and Christian Lijegren altered some of the old songs from the other bands and went for recording in the Top Recording Studio, where Lijegren sang and Grimmark played all the instruments. In the recording of their first album they included several guests, Janne Stark on guitar solos, Mark Hallek on violin and Jakob Persson on bass. The recording finished by 1997 and they released their first album ‘Awakening’ in 1998.

Carl Johan Grimmark is known for his neo-classical metal styling. He joined the band ‘Beautiful Skin’ in 2006.

Some of his albums include:

  • Awakening (1998)
  • Long Live the King (1999)
  • Desert Land (2001)
  • The Great Fall  and Eyes of Eternity (2003) 
  • Glory Thy Name (2004)
  • Holy Hall and Hero (2005)
  • At Short Notice... Live in Germany and Enter the Gate (2006)
  • Decade of Confession and Garden of Chaos (2007)