Charles Gansa (guitar/vocals) formed an indie rock band ‘Guv’ner’ with Pumpkin Wentzel (bass/vocals) in 1993. The romance between Charles Gansa and Pumpkin Wentzel led for the formation of the band ‘Guv’ner’. Pumpkin Wentzel gave a demo tape of their recording to Pussy Galore’s member Julia Cafritz, whom she had known from her school days. Julia Cafritz handed the tape to Thurston Moore, founding member of alternative rock band ‘Sonic Youth’, who exposed the band.


Guv’ner released their first album ‘Hard For Measy For You’ in 1994 on the record labels ‘Wiiija’ in UK and ‘Ecstatic Peace’ in US. The drumming duties for their album ‘Hard For Measy For You’ was shared by Brian Logan who played on ‘No Big Deal’, ‘Making Headlines’ and ‘Bridge Under Water’ and Jamie Lawrence who played on ‘Go To Sleep’, ‘Red Velvet Chair’ and ‘Wild Couple’. After their debut album a new member ‘Danny Tunick’ joined the band on drums. The band released the albums ‘The Hunt’ in 1996 and ‘Spectra! Worship’ in 1998.

Some of their albums include:

  • ‘Hard For Measy For You’ in 1994
  • ‘The Hunt’ in 1996
  • ‘Spectral Worship’ in 1998Some of their singles include:
  • ‘Ear! Grey Tea’ in 1993
  • ‘Curry Favor’ in 1994
  • ‘Baby’s Way Cruel’ and ‘Knight Moves’ in 1995
  • ‘The Nazarene’, Break A Promise’ and ‘She’s Evil’ in 1996
  • ‘In The Fishtank Vol. 2’ in 1997
    Charles Gansa, Pumpkin Wentzel  - Guv’ner
    Charles Gansa - Guvner