Chris Cohen is an American musician.

Chris Cohen is currently working with his band ‘The Curtains’.

Chris Cohen - The Curtains
Chris Cohen - The Curtains

Chris Cohen formed the band ‘The Curtains’ with Trevor Shimizu in the year 2000. At the beginning they played short songs, later they joined with Jamie Peterson (drummer) and recorded their first album ‘Fast Talks’ for the Thin Wrist label. In 2002, the next phase of The Curtains, Chris joined by synthesizer player Greg Saunier and drummer Andrew Maxwell and released two albums ‘Flybys’ and ‘Vehicles of Travel’. At the same time Chris joined the band ‘Deerhoof’.

The Curtains got split after their album ‘Vehicles of Travel’, and Chris and Greg focused on Deerhoof.

Chris Cohen joined the band ‘Deerhoof’ as a second guitarist. Cohen formed another band ‘Natural Dreamers’ along with the guitarist John Dieterich. The band ‘Deerhoof’ with the four members, Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Chris Cohen and Greg Saunier toured and built the international popularity.

The band ‘Deerhoof’ released “Apple O” in 2003, “Milk Man” in 2004, and “The Runners Four” in 2005 which gave them a huge success. A short Extended Play, “Green Cosmos” was released at the same time in 2005.

The last performance of Chris Cohen with the band ‘Deerhoof’ was at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Deerhoof was invited to perform a live, original score to a silent film of their choosing by the ‘San Francisco International Film Festival’, where they chose Harry Smith’s “Heaven and Earth Magic’ and performed their hour-long soundtrack, largely composed by Dieterich in 2006.

Chris Cohen reformed his band ‘The Curtains’ with Annie Lewandowski and Nedelle and released the album ‘Calamity’ on Asthmatic Kitty Records in 2006.

In 2003, The Curtains toured the West Coast with the Japanese Folk Orchestra ‘Maher Shalal Hash Baz’. To make their tour a document, the group joined the Japanese folk orchestra and released the split CD ‘Make Us Two Crayons on the Floor’. Cohen also performed on Maher Shalal Hash Baz’s album ‘Faux Depart’ with the other American guests.

Some of Chris albums include:

  • Fast Talks (2001)
  • Flybys (2003)
  • Vehicles of Travel (2004)
  • Make Us Two Crayons on the Floor (2005)
  • Calamity (2006)
  • Split 7" (2003) 
  • "Alphabet Series -N-" (2006) 
  • Apple O' (2003) 
  • Milk Man (2004) 
  • The Runners Four (2005)
  • Green Cosmos (2005)