Christopher Aubrey Shiflett
is a guitarist for the rock band born on May 6, 1971.

Chris Shiflett currently plays in his own side-project, ‘Jackson United’, ‘Viva Death’ with his brother Scott and in the punk rock and cover band ‘Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’.

Chris Shiflett
Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett performs with the name of ‘Jake Jackson’ in many of the projects.

Chris Shiflett was a resident lead guitarist for the band ‘No Use for a Name’, a punk rock band from San Jose, California. Dave Grohl’s band ‘Foo Fighters’ had lost both of their previous guitarists, Franz Stahl, founder member of the band ‘Scream’ and Pat Smear, who played in well-known bands like ‘Germs’ and ‘Nirvana’. Chris Shiflett got an opportunity to join Dave Grohl’s band ‘Foo Fighters’ when they were holding open auditions for the replacement of the lost guitarists .

Chris Shiflett left ‘No Use for a Name ‘band suddenly when they were above to plan for a tour for their recent album ‘More Betterness!’, the band replaced ‘Dave Nassie’, who had contributed for an American Crossover Thrash band Suicidal Tendencies lead singer “Cyco” Mike Muir’s solo projects.

Chris Shiflett joined the band ‘Foo Fighters’ after their third album ‘There is Nothing Left to Lose’. Chris played in their fourth album ‘One by One’ which released in 2002.

Chris is married and has 3 sons Daschiel, Liam and Amon. According to a TV program ‘The Sauce’ on May 24, 2007 it was announced that Chris would be designing his own shoes for the Macbeth Footwear.

Discography with Foo Fighters:

  • One by One (2002)
  • In Your Honor (2005)
  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)