Real Name:  Christine Ellen Hynde
Born: 7 Semptember, 1951, Ohio

Christine Ellen Hynde is a guitarist, songwriter, singer and the leader of the band ‘The Pretenders’ was born on 7 September, 1951 in Akron, Ohio.

Chrissie Hynde did her graduation from ‘Firestone High School’ in Akron, Ohio. Hynde attended “Kent State University’s Art School” for three years (where she formed her first rock band ‘Sat. Sun. Mat’ which included an American musician ‘Mark Allen Mothersbaugh’ from the music group ‘Devo’. Hynde was on the campus and witnessed ‘Kent State Shootings’ which occurred in Kent State University in the early’s of 1970s.

Chrissie Hynde - The Pretenders
Chrissie Hynde - The Pretenders

Chrissie Hynde worked in various jobs to support herself and saved enough money to move from Ohio to London in 1973, during this period she also developed an interest in the pop music magazine the ‘New Musical Express’.

Chrissie Hynde got a job in an architectural firm in London with her art background and quit the job after eight months. She then met a British rock critic ‘Nick Kent’ and joined has a staff member of the magazine ‘New Musical Express’.

Hynde later quit the job in ‘NME’ magazine and became a full-time punk rocker working with ‘Malcolm McLaren’, manager of Sex Pistols and ‘Vivienne Westwood’. She failed with her attempts of making a band with ‘Mick Jones’, a lead guitarist and a vocalist of the British punk rock band ‘The Clash’. Hynde was then placed as a guitarist in a British punk rock group ‘Masters of the Backside’ by Malcolm McLaren. The group later became an English punk and gothic rock band ‘The Damned’, Hynde was asked to leave the group. She was invited by ‘Mick Jones’ to join his band ‘The Clash’ on their tour of Britain.

Chrissie Hynde met bassist Pete Farndon in the spring of 1978 at a bar in Portbello Road and joined her in the rehearsal room in Convent Garden, London. They played for a New Orleans soul singer King Floyd’s song ‘Groove Me’, which followed by two of Hynde’s tunes: “Tequila” and “The Phone Call”. Hynde and Farndon recruited the drummer ‘Martin Chambers’ and guitarist ‘James Honeyman-Scott’ to form a group. The group got inspired from the song ‘The Great Pretenders’ by a successful vocal group ‘The Platters’ and named the band ‘The Pretenders’. The Pretenders were much more than just a punk band due to Hynde’s vast knowledge of rock and roll.

The Pretenders singles album include: ‘Stop Your Sobbing’ in 1979, ‘Kid’ in 1979, and ‘Brass in Pocket’ in 1980.

The Pretenders II singles album include: ‘Talk of the Town’ in 1980, ‘Message of Love’ in 1981, ‘Day After Day’ in 1981, ‘The Adultress’ in 1981 and ‘I Go to Sleep’ in 1981.


  • 1980 – Pretenders
  • 1981 – Extended Play
  • 1981 – Pretenders II 
  • 1984 – Learning to Crawl
  • 1986 – Get Close
  • 1987 – The Singles 
  • 1990 – Packed!
  • 1994 – Last of the Independents
  • 1995 – The Isle of View
  • 1999 – Viva el Amor
  • 2000 – Greatest Hits
  • 2002 – Loose Screw 
  • 2006 – Pirate Radio