Christy Doran is a jazz guitarist born in Dublin, Ireland and lived in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Christy Doran is the founding member of the electric jazz band ‘OM’ with bassist Bobbi Burri, saxophonist Urs Leimgruber and drummer Fredy Study in 1970s. This band released the album ‘Kirikuki’ in 1975, ‘Rautionaha’ in 1976, ‘OM with Dom um Ramao’ in 1977 and ‘Cerberus’ in 1980. He also worked on a tribute project of ‘Jim Hendrix’ along with Fredy Studer in 1990s.

Christy Doran - Jazz guitarist
Christy Doran - Jazz guitarist

Christy Doran has played with a number of avant-garde and free jazz musicians such as Robert Dick, Han Bennink, John Wolf Brennan, Carla Bley, Herb Robertson, Louis Sclavis, Marty Ehrlich, Albert Mangelsdorff, Marilyn Mazur and Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

Christy Doran founded the band ‘New Bag’ in 1997 and the group’s first recording was ‘Confusing the Spirit’ in 1999s. Christy Doran’s second recording the ‘Black Box’ of New Bag presents six pieces and also adds Muthuswamy Balasubramaniam’s mridangam to the mix.

Christy Doran currently performs with his band ‘New Bag’.

Christy Doran’s solo albums include: ‘Harsh Romantics’ in 1984, ‘The Returning Dream Of The Leaving Ship’ in 1986, ‘Phoenix’ in 1990 and ‘What a Band’ in 1991.

Christy Doran’s album ‘Half A Lifetime’ in 1979 with Studer, ‘Red Twist & Tuned Arrow’ in 1986 with keyboardist Stephan Wittwer and Studer, ‘Henceforward’ in 1988 with the pianist John Wolf Brennan.


  • Henceforward (1988)
  • Christy Doran's Phoenix (1989)
  • Corporate Art (1991)
  • What a Band (1991)
  • Music for Two Basses, Electric Guitar and Drums (1991)
  • Shaman (2000)
  • Black Box (2002)
  • Heaven Is Back in the Streets (2003)
  • Triangulation (2004)
  • Perspectives (2005)
  • Jimi (2005)
  • La Fourmi (2005)
  • Red Twist & Tuned Arrow (2006)
  • Now's the Time (2006)