Circuit V Panther
(Yoshikazu Yahiro) is the rhythm and lead guitarist of the Japanese Speed Metal Band 'Sex Machineguns". Yahiro was born on 5th July in Mie Prefecture, Japan. He is popularly known as Circuit V. Panther. Yahiro acquired the first part of his stage name from the place he came from; the Suzuka racing track in Mi Prefecture called “Circuit”. He took his middle ‘V’ from his favourite guitarist ‘Steve Vai’ and “Panther” because many people think that he looks like “Panther” with his pink dyed hair.

Circuit V Panther - Sex Machine Guns
Circuit V Panther - Sex Machine Guns

Circuit V. Panther joined ‘Sex Machineguns’ as a tour supporter in April 2001. In September 2001 he became one of the official members of the ‘Sex Machineguns’ band. The band members are admired for their technical skills on their instruments.

Sex Machineguns are a Japanese Speed Metal Band formed in 1996. Their music is mainly focused on extremely fast guitar, bass, and bass solos. They are known for wear crazy, exotic outfits, with striking make-up, unusual hair colors and styles with intricate costumes like ‘Visual Kei’ band. This led the fans to also name the band ‘Shock Rockers’.

In the song ‘FamiResuBombaa’ they sing about blowing up restaurants and naming as ‘SM Show’ one of their live DVDs in a very intentional reference to BDSM (BDSM is an abbreviation derived from the terms: bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).

Circuit V. Panther released his solo album ‘Sexy Finger’ on 26 September, 2003 which included six instrumental songs. He released another album called ‘Sexy Finger II’ on 15 September, 2004 which has six solo tracks.

‘Japa-meta’ a Japanese Heavy Metal and ‘Western Heavy Metal’ were the biggest musical influences for Circuit V. Panther. Panther style includes a wide variety of musical types, including hard rock, blues and different types of metal (which is seen in ‘Sex Machineguns’ bands ‘Recycle’).

Circuit V. Panther is an expert in tapping, fluid sweep-picking and has been featured in Young Guitar magazine. The members of ‘Sex Machineguns’ have their own line of guitars. Circuit V. Panther uses ESP guitars on stage.

Some of Circuit V. Panther albums include ‘Sexy Finger’ released in 26th September 2003 and ‘Sexy Finger II’ released in 15 September, 2004. Circuit V. Panther along with the other former members of ‘Sex Machineguns’ are currently in a band called ‘Cycle’ as of December 2006.